Before Anyone Did Anything SKO UNO Did Everything

Before Anyone Did Anything SKO UNO Did Everything

Sko-Uno Stockholm

Runner Is Back!

This iconic style was invented in 1977 by Sko Uno, the style name at the time was "Road Runner" and came in multiple colors. The idea came from the growing interest in Skateboarding. In 2007 the production closed and now, 15 years later, this classic style was re-launched but with an updated name, "MICC RUNNER".

The illustration is made by the artist Joakim Hansén, who also was part of the design of the first "Runner" shoe back in the 70s. He made the first illustration of the Skateboarding "Uno" back in 1978, now 45 years later is he back on the case again. This spring we launch the classic "Runner" in two colors, that soon will be followed by multiple variations. Look out for more to come.

Sko Uno X Sendra Boots – a collaboration between two legends. These high-quality boots are constructed from the finest leather, ensuring superior quality and durability. The boots are handcrafted in Spain, using traditional methods and craftsmanship to ensure the highest standard of quality.

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Creeper shoes have an interesting history that dates back to the 1940s. During World War II, British soldiers needed footwear that could withstand the harsh conditions of the desert. As a result, they started wearing suede boots with thick, crepe soles that provided excellent traction on sand and gravel.

In the 1950s, Teddy Boys, a subculture of young men who favored a flashy, rebellious style, adopted crepe-soled shoes as part of their look. They would often wear brightly colored suits with slim ties and matching creeper shoes.

In the 1970s, punk rockers embraced creeper shoes as part of their DIY, anti-establishment aesthetic. Today, creeper shoes are a must-have for punk rockers and anyone looking to add a little edge to their footwear collection.

Pair it with suit pants, jeans, a dress, or a skirt, nothing is wrong with a pair of Creepers.

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The legendary UNO MYGG has returned, like a superhero swooping in to save the day! We just got our hands on a whopping six pallets filled to the brim with Chezz, Capone, and Clazzix, straight from the sunny factory in Spain.


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Sko-Uno Stockholm

SKO UNO grundades av Kenneth Längerberg år 1974
och öppnade sin första butik på Norrlandsgatan samma år.

1975 öppnades första butiken på Gamla Brogatan som sedan 1979 flyttades till den nuvarande adressen. Idag drivs SKO UNO av Marthyn Inghamn och Linda Berglund och vi skulle inte kunna vara stoltare. SKO UNO startade under dessa år en mängd olika trender inom sko världen och var som störst under 90-talet när det som mest fanns 5 butiker i Stockholm. SKO UNO är idag en legendarisk och unik butik. Sedan 2020 så har vi även öppnat en jeansbutik, JEANS UNO, bredvid SKO UNO. Båda butikerna är byggda för hand med återanvänd inredning eller så har vi snickrat själva. En resa till Stockholm är inte komplett utan att ha satt sin fot i butikerna på Gamla Brogatan. Vi har ett brett sortiment av Dr. Martens, Solovair, Myggjagare, Cowboy och Biker Boots samt unika platåer och övriga skor. Vi säljer även Läderjackor, Jeans och blandade accessoarer som vi tycker passar in i konceptet. Det viktigaste, båda butikerna skall vara ställen man trivs på, vi struntar fullständigt i alla trender, vi går vår egen väg, det har vi alltid gjort.