1943 CPO Shirt Hamburg blue

Pike Brothers


The 1943 U.S. Navy CPO Shirt Elephant Skin Hamburg Blue


Pike Brothers –

For this season we have made our classic 1943 CPO Shirt with our rugged 100% Cotton Elephant Skin in the traditional Hamburg colors.
Hamburg Blue has been used for more than 100 years by the Hamburg dock and metal workers. The distinctive blue stripes was their coat of arms.
Our Elephant Skin is made from 100% cotton in Germany with the traditional recipe. The fabric is extremely robust and comfortable at the same time. Two characteristics that are still not out of fashion.
Even over 100 years.

Further Details of the 1943 CPO Shirt are:

– 100% cotton, 520 g/sqm
– Authentic fit
– Two big chest pockets
– Logo Push buttons
– Made in Portugal


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