1966 Jungle Shirt Tiger Stripe

Pike Brothers

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Jungle Shirt


Pike Brothers

The legendary Tiger Stripe Shirt in Silver Pattern. Many variations of Tiger Stripe Camoflage have been developed during the 1960s Era. Silver Tiger Stripe was roughly introduced in the mid 1960s it saw extensive use in South East Asia. It was one of the most classic patterns. The name comes from a certain silver fade that originals developed over time during wear and washing.
For the fit we have used an original Asian Style shirt. Asian Style shirts and trousers were slimmer than the US variants.
We have pre washed and aged the items in order to give them a used look.

The following further features charactarize our 1966 Jungle Shirt:

– 100% cotton
– authentic Silver Tiger Stripe pattern
– Slim Fit
– Made in Turkey


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