Gaucho Crazy Horse Dealer Boot



The Solovair Gaucho Crazy Horse Dealer Boot is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a classic! This iconic boot style was invented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker and was originally called a Dealer Boot. It was made famous by rock stars in the 1960s and is easy to wear, style and fits in with practically anyone’s personal style.


Solovair Gaucho Crazy Horse Dealer Boot


  • Made in England
  • Color: Brown
  • Goodyear Welted Construction
  • Brown Gaucho Crazy Horse Greasy Pull-Up Leather Upper
  • Leather & Synthetic Lining
  • Over 140 years of Traditional Shoemaking Craftsmanship
  • Soft Suspension Classic Sole
Difference between dealer boots and Chelsea boots.
Dealer Boot vs Chelsea Boot – what’s the difference? Answer: apart from the less obvious difference being the elastic panel on Dealer boots sitting higher than the Chelsea style; the Dealer was traditionally worn as workwear while the Chelsea was worn as smart/casual attire.
Due to the nature of Gaucho leather used, each product may differ in finish and may require a layer of Dubbin wax to achieve the pictured look. Greasy leather needs to be fed with Dubbin wax, oil, or grease for nourishment. Apply sparingly to avoid creating a dull appearance.


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