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American Optical

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Discover the rich heritage of American Optical, the oldest and most influential optical company in American history. Long before the invention of cars, radios, typewriters, elevators, and telephones, American Optical was already revolutionizing the world of vision.

As a pioneer in optical, eyewear and sunglasses innovations, American Optical has a storied legacy that spans centuries. The company’s founders had a visionary belief in providing eyewear and sunglasses to everyone, not just the privileged few. They made history by establishing spectacle manufacturing in the United States, reshaping the industry forever.

Throughout its illustrious history, American Optical has been the originator of iconic sunglasses styles embraced by pilots, Presidents, and even NASA space crews. From aviators to timeless sunglasses, AO designs have become synonymous with unrivaled quality, timeless style, and enduring popularity.

Today, American Optical continues to push the boundaries of optical technology, delivering cutting-edge vision solutions to a global audience. Experience the remarkable legacy and excellence of American Optical, the true trailblazer in eyewear innovation.”


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